A,D + Space are the game controls :)

This game is a small endless runner project created for a 1 hour game jam :)

The game was started at mid-day on the 7th of march, and i went hungry for a whole hour before finishing the game and deciding to grab some lunch!

I was working on system to charge electricity through the player's axes and then shoot them out covered in electricity at the enemies for extra score, but i ran out of time :(

The player has escaped a facility full of electrical beasts and must survive for as long as possible without being killed.

Special thanks to Warren clark and Edermunizz for the player and background sprites as i almost ran out of time and used their free game sprites! :)

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Made withUnity
TagsEndless, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller


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This is awesome mate so pumped to see one of my sprites in a game and great job on the death animation.

cheers man :)

Nice! Very well put together for the time limit. I love the death animation.

Thanks :)

The death animation i decided to put together as i felt a bit cheaty by just using Warren Clark's free asset! :P